First and possibly last blog post. Either way, welcome to Hutxh. Here's a little about the owner & our purpose.

First and possibly last blog post. Either way, welcome to Hutxh. Here's a little about the owner & our purpose.

Precursor, I am not a writer or blogger. So, if you are the grammar police feel free to exit the scene. Your services are not necessary.

How do you start a blog? 


Well, first of all, my name is Irene Davis. I am a Pacific Northwest Native, not like I originated from the Pacific Northwest so I'm native to this region. No, I am a Native American of the Northwest. I am a member of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians. I grew up in Nisqually, Washington. I’ve been learning our native language txʷəlšucid for three years. I have four siblings, two brothers and two sisters. I'm very tall, 6 ft 1 in, actually.  I’m also a sagittarius. I'm only really telling you all of these mundane facts about myself because I think that they contribute to some key points about my personality and my motivation in starting Hutxh. In native families, it is customary to “roast” each other and my family is no different. A lot of my confidence growing up came from developing a thick skin at home. I’m plus sized, tall AF, but still, you can’t tell me nothin’! This view on life is what i essentially wanted to bring to all of you! Hutxh is my voice to do so. 

x̌əč    HUTXH   “hhut-ch”

I started Hutxh in February of 2019 in hopes of creating a plus-sized experience for plus size women. While, Hutxh has grown to provide an experience for ALL sizes my reasons for starting this clothing boutique was to help women gain confidence to wear whatever they want to. That is how the tagline “don't worry, you can wear it!”  began. I truly believe that. I always hear the words “that looks so good on you but that would not work for me!” and I cringe every time because I think that putting yourself down is just so detrimental to your glow up. There's something really freeing about wearing whatever the fuxk you want to wear. For me, I noticed that when I became truly comfortable in my skin I transformed into a force that couldn't be messed with. I know, it's only clothes. How can a bodysuit or a pair of jeans or a cute jean jacket change you? You're right, they can't. I'm not speaking about an item of clothing. I'm talking about the silencing of that inner voice that tells you “no you cannot. you are not right for this. you can't wear this.” When you change the the view of yourself and you say “I’m going to wear this, this looks great on me, I'm going to take selfies in this and rock it like it is the cutest outfit I've ever worn” you transfer that negative self image into something so positive and beautiful. That is what inspired me to start this brand. 

Well, I hope this first blog entry was everything you expected. I might keep this up, I dont know, maybe I should go the route of a podcast because grammar and sentence structure is not my forte. I really hope I made sense. 

huỳ- until we meet again